Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mini vacation to Callaway/ Warm Springs

Check out our photos of camping in the Callaway Gardens (astonishingly beautiful!) and Warm Springs area, over the Labor Day holiday. We biked for 4 1/2 hours around the Gardens, and swam (Dan swam; I dipped...) in the Warm Springs pools frequented by FDR. They are fed by the warm springs (hence the name) there, unfiltered and untreated in any way, and, interestingly, only open for swimming one weekend a year, that being Labor Day weekend. If you look closely at the pool pictures, you can see the wooden structures used for therapy for polio patients. We felt it was a unique opportunity to immerse ourselves (literally!) in a little history. The experience has piqued our interest in the disease of polio... its diagnosis, treatment, and eradication. The little town of Warm Springs seems to have literally developed as a result of the epidemic, and survives because of the history made there.

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